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Review Every Aspect of Your Tuition Policy,The third step to creating a strategic tuition program is to carefully review and analyze your current tuition policy in great detail. Key items to look for are the way that your policy ties to strategic organizational goals, and ways that your policy helps to save your organization money.A well-written contract will keep you from doing extra work and not getting paid.  The contract will most likely go through several revisions until you and the client agree upon a happy medium.   Once the contract is agreed upon and signed by both parties the beginning of the design process can begin.This is perhaps the most overlooked phase by any web designer today.  This includes the initial meeting with the client.  Take this time to really get to know the client.  The client is investing a lot of money in your web design abilities; take the time to know the people that are paying you.  Also included in the planning web design phase is the quote phase.  A strong and well-written quote will land many high quality web design projects.  Make sure the quote is tailored to what the client has in mind for their website.  The final step is the contract agreement phase.  This is the most important part for the web designer. A wise business owner will outsource web designing to save time. There is a lot to learn before effectively designing a web site including SEO, HTML, CSS, Photo Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Java Script to name just a few. ecommerce solution ecommerce Website Development social media marketing agency For example, retention and turnover rates for those employees using the program versus those employees who do not use the program. Can you make an association between the tuition program and overall tenure of the participants? You may also decide to look at the length of time between promotions for participants versus non-participants, or the percentage of employees who achieve degree completion versus those who just sporadically enroll in courses. Another useful metric to track is the number of new hires who utilize the program. And finally, tracking the overall employee satisfaction and engagement is important. As most of us are aware, almost everything in life is measured by results, and tuition programs are no exception. The second step in converting a tuition program into a strategic tool is to do just that - determine how you will measure the results of the program. Depending on the overall goals, there are many facets that can be measured. What Will You Measure?The results of all of these can be critical in determining the overall support for the program.Most business owners do not have the time to learn all these different facets of web design quickly enough to build a professional looking web site.